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Can Making Money in the Stock Market Be This Simple?

Derek Hoffman
Derek Hoffman
Co-Founder Wall St. Cheat Sheet
Damien Hoffman
Damien Hoffman
Co-Founder Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Traditional financial media dropped the ball before the crash of 2008. They continued the "buy & hold" message even though it was completely disconnected from reality.

In fact, that approach was extremely dangerous. Everyone was feeding into the "this will go on forever" mentality. And we all know now that was not going to be the case.

But guess what? People, let's call them insiders, in the private investing community managed to come out winners.

My brother Derek and I (Damien here) watched friends and family lose hard earned retirement dollars. For the second time in 10 years.

We thought there must be a way to level the playing field. To share the exclusive investing insights traditionally reserved for the information elite.

We became deeply driven to share our personal investing approach. So, 3 years ago we started the Stock Investor Cheat Sheet® Newsletter.

Our goal was to create an easy-to-understand newsletter that provides clear recommendations on stocks to buy, when to buy them, and how to set up your trades. Basically, we do all the work and you simply set up your trades and go back to your life.

We've taken out the B.S. and filler you get from most newsletters. We know the bottom line is you want to make money — not be impressed, or confused, with a bunch of insider jargon. And you definitely don't need homework to add to your busy day.

Our newsletter is so easy to use, even people who aren't interested in stock investing can follow our system and beat the market.

What If We Told You Exactly What Stock to Buy, at What Price, & When to Sell It?

That's just what we do in every monthly edition of Stock Investor Cheat Sheet®.

We know you're too busy to screen tons of stocks (15 thousand!) to find a winner. Don't worry. We do the work for you to come up a low-risk, high-reward Stock Pick of the Month.

That means this newsletter could be your best investment ever! Here's a small sample of some of those money-making winners:

Company Description Return
Chipotle Mexican Grille (CMG) The McDonald's of Burritos +202%
Under Armour (UA) The Next Gen Nike +100%
Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) Leader in Health Tech +141.2%
Systemax (SYX) The Company Beating Best Buy +69.9%
Mosaic (MOS) Top Fertilizer Company +82.14%

Our Stock Pick on the Month will also give you something much more valuable than money... Time. Instead of doing endless research, you can put your precious time to good use by spending time with your family or pursuing your hobbies. Heck, go fly a kite with your kids or grandkids!

Is There a Secret Formula for Picking Winning Stocks?

It's not a secret to our subscribers: it's called our Proprietary Cheat Sheet® Framework. We have taken the best of professional investing tools and distilled them into what makes stocks move.

Why are we sharing it with you? By sharing our secret sauce we feel the average investor finally has an extraordinary chance of building real wealth over the long term. We watched friends and family see hard earned nest eggs destroyed in the down cycles after creating profits in the up cycles. And that has to stop!

Our framework mirrors how the markets really work. Not the false hope created by so-called experts who get paid to say lies such as "just keep putting money in your 401K and it will go up."

The Cheat Sheet® Framework is an objective investing tool that uncovers stocks to help you build your fortune. Now you can keep your family financially secure, pay for college, retire early, and live the lifestyle you deserve.

Knowing When to Buy & Sell is Just as Important as What You Buy

And that's why with each Stock Pick of the Month we include Precise Stop Loss and Profit Targets. You need expert risk management tools to succeed in today's markets. And the reason you get expert advice is because you want the help and the edge it takes to consistently profit from stock investments.

Don't live in fear about major losses or miss locking in profits because you're not sure when to buy or sell. Stock Investor Cheat Sheet® radically simplifies investing in the stock market and takes all the guesswork out of investing.

We don't dump a bunch of "tips" on you and make you figure out everything. That's like dropping you in the ocean with some detailed instruction book on how to swim, but not even a pointer to the shore.

Most popular newsletters don't give you a stop loss or profit targets. Adding this professional investing tool into our stock picks insures our subscribers won't have to relive the horrors the tragic losses of the dotcom collapse and the great crash of 2008.

"Set It and Forget It." Simply set up our trades in your brokerage account, and get back to playing golf or eating out with friends.

Need More Than 1 Winning Stock Pick Each Month?

If you like the hunt as much as the catch... we have just the thing for you. Every month we add some choice companies to our "Stocks to Watch" list.

Some may eventually become a Stock Pick of the Month — we'll keep an eye on them. And when a winner does emerge — you'll be ahead of curve and ready to make your move.

Here's Just Some of What's Included in Every Monthly Issue:

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