Verizon Copies AT&T With Latest Discount

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Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) has announced a new discount to its More Everything plan to match a discount that rival AT&T (NYSE:T) began offering at the end of February, offering families the option to share up to four lines for $160 a month. AT&T grabbed a lot of headlines with its “Best Ever Prices” campaign, and Verizon was essentially forced to match it in order to remain competitive.

Verizon’s More Everything plan increases discounts from $20 to $25, meaning smartphones on the plan are $15 per line rather than $40. This only applies if you’ve elected to purchase your device at full cost and pay it off on a monthly basis with Verizon’s Edge plan, rather than choosing a device subsidy. The Edge plan also allows for early upgrades as soon as the device is at least halfway to being paid off.

That $15 per line includes unlimited talk and text, but no data. If a 10GB shared data plan is purchased on top of that for $100 a month — and buying a data package with at least 10GB is required — then for a family of four, the plan will amount to $160 a month plus the cost of the devices, which is exactly the same as the offer AT&T is pushing.

Before on Verizon’s More Everything plan, each line cost $20 a month with a shared data plan of at least 10GB for customers also on Edge, Fierce Wireless reports. Now, the price for each line has seen a $5 discount. That may not seem like much, but in the ultra-competitive wireless industry, the company that can offer the lowest price, even if it’s only $5 below other companies, has a big advantage.

If you choose a data plan of 8GB or less, each line costs $30 and the pricing stays the same at $40 a month for those who choose a smartphone subsidy rather than buying the device at full price.

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