Nokia: Apple’s iPad Will Make You Ignore Your Dog

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Lumia 2520Finnish tech company Nokia (NYSE:NOK) has once again taken aim at Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) with a strange new animated commercial that promotes its Lumia 2520 tablet at the expense of the California-based company’s iPad. The latest Nokia commercial criticizes the supposedly poor visibility of the iPad’s screen in sunlight, while simultaneously touting the superior visibility of the Lumia 2520.

The animated commercial is set in a bright and sunny park where a woman walking her dog tries to use what appears to be an Apple iPad. However, she is unable to see the screen due to the sun’s reflection and is forced to stand in the gloomy shadow of a tree in order to use her device. Another character who was roller skating in the sun while using his tablet is also forced under a tree because of the sun’s glare on his device. Meanwhile, the abandoned dog runs around looking for a play companion as more and more tablet owners retreat to the shade.

Finally, the hapless dog finds a Nokia Lumia 2520 owner who is sitting in the sunlight and using his device with no visibility problems. As he throws a Frisbee for the dog, he attaches the Lumia 2520 to a keyboard and orders a pizza online. After the frolicking dog and the Lumia 2520 owner attract the attention of the other tablet users, everyone emerges into the sun and enjoys the pizza together. The commercial concludes with the tagline, “Get out and play. The Nokia Lumia 2520 with full screen and best outdoor readability.” The full commercial can be seen in the embedded video below.

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