Great Panther Silver: Why 2014 Looks Brighter

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There are several reasons why silver is a good buy at current levels and there are several good companies one can consider buying. In this article, I will outline a few reasons silver is a good long-term buy as well as discuss operational highlights from Great Panther Silver, one of my top picks in the space for the next three years that provides leveraged upside to silver prices.

Why Silver Should Head Higher

Silver is both a precious and industrial metal. It is currently priced at just over $20 an ounce and seems to have a solid floor of support around the $18.50 per ounce level. Megatons of silver are consumed in industrial processes, and although sometimes recyclable, silver is often discarded into landfills, never to be recovered. Aside from silver being a precious metal, it also has many industrial applications and therefore, will always have demand, especially when the global economy comes fully out of recession. Common ways silver is utilized include:

  1. Nanotechnology
  2. Currency; coins and bullion
  3. Jewelry
  4. Photography
  5. Silverware; utensils, cutlery
  6. Dentistry
  7. Electronics, mirrors and optics
  8. Textiles
  9. Musical instruments
  10. Medical devices and instruments

Silver, as opposed to gold, has real-world everyday uses. It’s one of the most conductive metals out there and a key part of many electronics and batteries. It remains in high demand for film photography applications, even in a digital age. Silver even has antibacterial qualities, making it an important element of surgical tools and other medical devices.

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