European Leaders Set to Debate Funding Protocols

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European Union

Debate has arisen in Europe over a series of measures that would use funding as an incentive to guide policy decisions in member states, Bloomberg reports. The European Commission believes that such an approach could be an effective tool in helping certain states make better economic decisions, while others have cautioned that the move could lead to protests and antipathy toward the European Union. Such proposals are due to be discussed by several heads of European states later next week.

According to the system under debate, countries could unlock funding from the European Union only by making certain decisions in fields such as labor and pension law, vocational training, and judicial policy. These fields are especially relevant in some of the bloc’s struggling members and in its newest inductees, which have not had time to adapt to the social and economic climate that is pervasive across the rest of Europe.

Proponents of the plan say that it is the most effective way to incentivize countries to speedily adopt badly needed reforms in many areas that could bolster the well-being of their citizens. In addition, it would be a way to offer additional funding to peripheral countries in the European Union, which are often the nations that need the money the most anyways, according to Bloomberg. With funding protocols tightening over the next few years per the EU’s latest series of projected budgets, such measures would be a way to kill two birds with one stone.

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