8 Awesome Cars From the Big Screen, Part II


Not all that long ago, we published a list of nine awesome fictional cars from the movies, which seemed to go over pretty well. The trouble is, there are so many movies with so many cool cars, we couldn’t fit them all into a single slide show. Therefore, we are following up that list with this one, including eight more really cool cars from the big screen.

“Pretty much as long as there have been cars, they have been appearing in movies in some capacity — sometimes even taking on leading roles,” we said at the time. “However, sometimes a standard production car just won’t cut it and the studio will have to create its own design to fit the needs of the movie in question. While films like Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Vanishing Point are great and all, things get really crazy when the film studio gets to run wild with its own vehicular notions.”

We took your suggestions from our last time around, and put together this follow-up post with eight more really sweet cars that sometimes boast a better on-screen presence than the actors alongside them.

1. The Pursuit Special, Mad Max

The Mad Max franchise has a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts, largely due to the presence of the Pursuit Special, alternatively known as the V8 Interceptor, a heavily modified Australia-only 1973 Ford (NYSE:F) Falcon XB GT coupe. Those who have seen the movies already know; for those who haven’t, the enormous supercharger intake manifold protruding from the hood should tell you just about everything you need to know.