Complete NFL Draft: What the Bottom 16 Teams Need

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The NFL Draft is finally upon us — just a few weeks away. While there has been draft talk for the past three or four months, until the actual day, everything previously discussed has been mere speculation. After the NFL combine concluded in late February, teams officially started to make their big boards (a list of players they’d like to select) in anticipation for the draft. But if history has proven anything, there are almost no guarantees until the commissioner announces the pick on draft day.

So, instead of hypothesizing who will take whom, or who will make a last minute trade to move their pick up, we’ll look at what the teams need. Every team has needs — there are no perfect rosters out there. While Free Agency — an excellent way to fill needs — was very active this offseason, many teams are still looking to fill one or more starting positions. This means that they will have to draft wisely and efficiently. With all the preparation over the past months, here are the bottom sixteen teams in the league and what their needs are.

1. Houston Texans

Houston finished with the league’s worst record, 2-14, a year ago. A team like that has many needs, but some stand out more than others. Most notably is quarterback. New head coach Bill O’Brien has the task of rebuilding the franchise up and that is most easily done with a franchise-caliber quarterback. Currently, the Texans’ best QB is Ryan Fitzpatrick — he proved during his time in Buffalo that he’s more of a band-aid than a permanent fix. The Texans need to draft a quarterback; it’s just a matter of whom.

Houston also needs to up their defensive front seven — whether it’s with a linebacker or a defensive lineman. Their inability to get to the quarterback last season and stop the run was pretty embarrassing. A good defense starts in the trenches, and that’s where Houston still needs to improve.

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