Gun Violence: Are Control Proponents Losing?

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Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Following the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012, gun control legislation became a topic of discussion once again. As many have pointed out, violent tragedies often lead to a predictable cycle of anti-gun sentiment, followed quickly by pro-gun responses that often win out. “Perverse as it may sound, the horrific mass shooting … at Sandy Hook Elementary produced a burst of state-level gun control bills around the country and then triggered a much stronger pro-gun backlash,” wrote Paul M. Barrett of Bloomberg, the author of GLOCK: The Rise of America’s Gun.

He goes on to list Georgia’s new guns everywhere law as part of the fallout, “egged on by the National Rifle Association,” in reaction to anti-gun legislation following the shooting. The NRA calls the bill “the most comprehensive pro-gun” bill seen in state history for some time, and says that it is “a historic victory for the Second Amendment,” according to¬†The New York Times; meanwhile, the police chiefs association, churches, a majority of residents, and both the federal Transportation Security Administration and the restaurant association oppose the legislation. Laura Cutilletta, senior staff with San Francisco’s Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, told The New York Times that the bill is “so extreme and people do have such a strong reaction to it. I don’t think over all it’s a victory for [the lawmakers].”

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