Climate Change vs. Global Warming: What’s In a Name?

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Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Despite the snow melting and the rapid arrival of spring now in sight, most probably haven’t forgotten just how cold it got this winter. And those who follow environmental issues, in turn, likely haven’t forgotten the rhetoric that came with the cold weather. Namely those skeptics who used the biting cold as evidence that global warming was a hoax after all — clips of which Jon Stewart so kindly compiled for us in the video below.

One he doesn’t mention, but is worth a gander, is Donald Trump’s words in a series of discussions with Fox News, in which he uses the cold snap as proof that scientists are wrong, referring at one time to a global warming study being conducted in the arctic that found its ship frozen. He also bemoaned the impact environmental legislation has had on the coal industry — particularly relevant today, just after the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the Environmental Protection Agency’s coal plant emission reduction requirements. What this whole mess really highlighted in the end was a new emphasis on word choice, with some being more careful to say “climate change” rather than “global warming” to avoid misunderstandings from those who do not understand the distinction between climate and weather.

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