Save or Splurge? 8 Household Items Worth Spending More On

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As a savvy shopper, you’re always looking for the best deals and steals when it comes to your household items. But sometimes bypassing the more expensive item for the discounted deal can hurt you in the long run. With household items, you should always consider the long-term quality that the different-priced items offer. So how do you know when to save and when to splurge?

“As a general rule, home décor accessories tend to be trendy and relatively temporary. Feel free to pick up a lampshade at your local thrift store or a fresh set of throw pillows for under $10. However, splurging is the way when it’s time to buy mainstays like your refrigerator or something you’ll use regularly, like bed sheets,” according to Homesessive. Here’s a list of eight items to keep an eye on when deciding between splurging and saving.

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1. Kitchen items

According to Bankrate, higher-quality cookware is meant to last a long time and can make cooking more efficient. Splurge on cookware and knives if you enjoy cooking and do it often. Keep an eye out for products that include a lifetime warranty. Yes, they will be more expensive — however, you won’t have to buy that item ever again. If you’re looking to get your kitchen items in a more affordable price range, buy them one at a time or purchase a basic starter set.

2. Vacuum

You will thank yourself for spending a little bit more on a quality vacuum. Opting to buy a cheaper model actually has the ability to affect your air quality. The less expensive models can emit allergens and microbes into the air in your home, says Homesessive. Take the time to research highly rated vacuums with good customer reviews before making a purchase.

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