Summer Music Festival Style: 10 Pointers for Keeping Your Cool

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Summer music festivals can be the most frustrating events you will ever attend in terms of fashion. You want to look cute or at least somewhat OK, since this is a giant party and, who knows, you could even run in to your favorite musician. But spending hours in the heat and camping for days with limited bathroom access isn’t exactly conducive to looking or dressing your best. In fact, you will probably end up covered in sweat and mud, looking worse than you ever have.

You will see girls who somehow manage to look cute under these circumstances. It will frustrate and infuriate you at first, but don’t let it get to you: They’re probably the rich ones staying in air-conditioned RVs with lots of cash to spare on showers. But just remember, you’re around a bunch of other dirty hippies who aren’t judging you for looking like a dirty hippie.

Here are a bunch of tips to help you look slightly better and maybe feel a little less self-conscious than you would otherwise. It’s pretty hard to not look like a hippie or a homeless person when camping for days in the heat, so follow these tips for keeping cool, cute, and comfortable, and try not to let feeling self-conscious about your appearance get in the way of making memories.

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