Sorry, Starbucks: Unique Coffee Drinks in 6 Countries Around the World

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The world may be becoming increasingly intercultural, but some things remain different. Among them? The way we take — and even drink — our coffee. When our friends at Cheap Flights developed an infographic about the topic, we decided to distill some of its main points.

Read on to find out what to order when traveling in these six countries.

1. Spain

Unlike in the U.S., breakfast in Spain is typically a small undertaking: There’s usually coffee and a small, sweet pastry. Sweetness extends to Spanish coffee, too, and two of the country’s most popular drinks are very sweet. There’s café bombon, which is one part espresso and one part condensed milk; there’s also café con miel, which is a shot of espresso poured over honey and topped with steamed milk and cinnamon. The two main blends in Spanish coffee are “natural” and “mezcla,” and the latter involves 20-30 percent of the beans “being sprayed with a fine mist of sugar before roasting.”

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