Be Your Healthiest Self: The Secrets to Cameron Diaz’s Fitness Plan

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We all know Cameron Diaz for her talent on the big screen. She also has a stellar body, which she attributes to healthy eating and a focus on fitness. She delves into living a healthy lifestyle in her book, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about looking good for Diaz (she admits to being born with a great metabolism) — it’s about feeling good. She also has the expertise of trainer Teddy Bass, who has helped Diaz achieve great abs, toned legs, and well-defined arms. Lucky for us, both Bass and Diaz are willing to spill their secrets on how to get a great-looking and great-feeling body. Keep reading for some secrets of Diaz’s fitness plans.

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Rock-solid abs

Bass revealed to InStyle two surefire ab moves that Diaz incorporates into her workouts. The first is plank push-ups. Start in a plank position on a matted floor, and with your elbows on the mat, extend your body to its full length. Move one arm at a time to lift yourself into a standard push-up position. Keep your back straight and move back into a plank position. Repeat three sets of eight repetitions.

Now, it’s time to increase the intensity. Begin in a shoulder-width stance, holding a medicine ball at navel level. Rotate the trunk, shoulders, arms and head to one side as far as you can, and then twist back into the opposite direction. You can do this by exercising with a friend, or if you’re going solo for the day, be sure to twist and aim toward the upper corner of the room, while contracting down. Make sure to focus on rotating your feet, hips and shoulders.

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