10 Problems With Genetically Modified Foods

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The debate over the safety of genetically modified foods has been raging for almost two decades, when GM foods were first introduced to the public in the early ’90s. But it’s not just the possibility of detrimental side effects that has people worried — genetically modified foods and the business behind their creation has proved troublesome in many ways. Here are ten problems and major issues with genetically modified foods.

1. Lack of research

One of the biggest problems with genetically modified foods is the lack of independent research on the subject. If GM foods were confirmed as being detrimental to consumer health, these would be further outlawed all over the world (they’re already banned in several countries). Should they be proven harmless, many companies profiting from the more recent “organic” craze that has swept entire nations largely due to the controversy over GM foods would then fail, as the illusion that organic products are more nutritious and generally “better for you” than GM products would dissipate.

However, there just doesn’t seem to be enough research done on the subject to satisfy many scientists and consumers alike. There are now a countless variety of GM foods in our supermarkets and new strains continue to pop up — larger fruits, more pesticide-resistant varieties of vegetable, numerous fruit hybrids — and it’s difficult (and costly) to conduct in-depth and time-consuming studies on every single variation. Additionally, it seems that the studies that have been done are inconclusive at best.

Gilles-Eric Seralini’s famous two-year study on the effects of GM corn on rats allegedly demonstrated that consuming GM corn likely lead to cancer, tumors, and other serious health problems.

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