10 Anti-Love Songs for a Vindictive Valentine’s Day

I already wrote a list of the best love songs to listen to with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, but if you don’t have a sweetheart, if you hate the whole Valentine’s Day thing, or if some jerk had the nerve to dump you right before the most romantic holiday of the year, here are 10 songs to reaffirm the fact that a lot of the time, love just sucks. These songs are about how love can make you drink, commit suicide, paint the world black, or just hang your head and cry.

1. “Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin,” The Magnetic Fields

This subdued ditty smartly describes the myriad of ways in which love is like a bottle of gin — both good and bad. “It could make you regret your birth / or turn cartwheels in your best suit / It costs a lot more than it’s worth / and yet there is no substitute,” sings frontman Stephen Merritt in a deceptively cheerful melody.

2. “Love Sick,” Bob Dylan

This eery introduction to 1997′s Time Out of Mind sounds like Halloween incarnate. “I’m sick of love / I wish I never met you,” Dylan growls over a staccato organ. The album, which is full of tortured songs about how awful love is, went on to win Album of the Year at that year’s Grammys, where Dylan played “Love Sick” in a performance that’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. “My feet are so tired/ my brain is so wired / and the clouds are weepin’,” Dylan sings of the post-apocalyptic walk he takes in an attempt to cleanse his mind of a poisonous love.