6 Sinister Movie Villains We Love to Hate

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For every great movie hero, there is an equally impressive villain. Not surprisingly, audiences naturally tend to root for the protagonist of a film — especially when they are pitted against a particularly loathsome opponent. However, sometimes a villain is so charismatic and evilly intriguing that they will overshadow the hero of a movie. While we may not love what these corrupt characters do, we love to see them do it. Here are six incorrigible movie villains that we love to hate.

1. Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

This genetically-enhanced super villain was brilliantly portrayed in Star Trek II by Ricardo Montalbán. Not only is Khan Noonien Singh super evil, he is also incredibly intelligent and unusually strong. After defeating and banishing Khan to a deserted planet, Kirk inadvertently encounters Khan again when crewmembers from the Enterprise mistakenly land on Khan’s planet. As seen in the clip above, after capturing the two unfortunate crewmembers, Khan proceeds to torture them by inserting alien eels into their heads via their ears.

However, just in case the torture scene didn’t make him loathsome enough, Khan later detonates an experimental weapon in a bid to destroy the Enterprise. Although the Enterprise escapes, Khan’s murderous plan results in the (temporary) death of Spock, one of primary protagonists of the Star Trek franchise. Perhaps Captain Kirk said it best with, “Khaaaaaaaan!” Nevertheless, in a sign of how much audiences love to hate this villain, Khan was brought back for the rebooted Star Trek film franchise in Star Trek Into Darkness.

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