5 Incredibly Annoying Movie Robots

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robot machine manufactureFrom the mysterious alien, Gort, in The Day the Earth Stood Still to the time-traveling killer in The Terminator, movies have given us a wide variety of fictional robots.  Unfortunately, like any general type of character that is portrayed on screen, there are bound to be some duds in the group. While many of Hollywood’s robot creations have amazed, thrilled, or terrified us, some have just gotten on our nerves. Here are five incredibly annoying robots that have been portrayed in various movies over the years.

1. Box in Logan’s Run (1976)

Logan’s Run is a sci-fi film about a dystopian future society that lives underground. Although the members of the society live a hedonistic lifestyle, the trade-off is a mandatory death sentence at the age of thirty. “Logan 5,” played by Michael York, and “Jessica 6,” played by Jenny Agutter, eventually decide to flee the society and make their way to the surface. On their way out of the underground city, the runners encounter one of the most annoying and poorly-conceived movie robots ever portrayed on film.

The appropriately named “Box” is a rectangular mishmash of mirrors and silver ducting that apparently wants to freeze any humans that try to escape. However, before it attempts to freeze the protagonists, Box launches into a long and annoying speech about how impressive it is.

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