Mad Men: Don Grew Up in a Whorehouse, What Can Season 7 Bring

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Mad Men, season 7, Peggy, Don

Fans of Mad Men will be lighting cigarettes, pouring stiff drinks into tumblers, and just generally getting their ’60s hair primped or tie ironed for the Sunday premiere. After the season six finale, I think everyone wants to see what arc the series will tackle next. At the end of last season, Don Draper has a bizarre and uncomfortable breakdown in front of the Hershey executives, in which he confesses to a childhood spent in a whorehouse emptying the pockets of Johns. Then he gets fired — or at least mandatory time off to face his alcoholism — to perhaps spiral out of control again. The other characters saw their own dramatic and strange turns; Sally getting into trouble with a fake ID, Peggy’s break up that vacillated on and off many times for one episode, and Roger and Joan back in contact — though not back in bed.

But what does the coming season have in store for viewers? As always, details of season seven are difficult to come by, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. In an interview with The Huffington Post, the show’s creator Matt Weiner discussed what happened and what will happen next.

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