7 Child Actors Turned Adult Stars

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Unfortunately, as most child stars get older, they have a hard time finding a place in Hollywood. They were once able to fill the role of the cute son, daughter, or sibling. However, as they get older, they’re forced to transition (in front of viewers) from adolescent to young adult. In order for that to happen, they must find and successfully fill an adult role. Many struggle with this, often falling off the Hollywood radar, but some are able to survive. Here are seven child actors who successfully reinvented themselves from tween star to adult actor.

1. Emma Roberts

It was hard to picture Roberts in anything but Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous, in which she played spunky Addie. She also played sleuth Nancy Drew, so it was easy for viewers to become accustomed to her happy, wholesome roles. As she got older, though, she started to get an itch to switch over to more adult roles. What Culture writes that she gradually started to transition by appearing in several independent features.

Her big break came with the third season of the FX horror show, American Horror Story. Roberts played Madison Montgomery, a young woman who discovers she is a witch being sent to the Academy. On the show, there is a lot of darkness around Roberts’ character, including a graphic rape scene. After watching her play Madison, it’s hard to remember Addie ever existed.