Energy, Getting It Wrong Around the World: Interview With Ed Dolan

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Smart energy policies seem to be elusive. U.S. policy disappoints environmentalists and industry alike; Europe’s policy is economically disastrous but is getting people to change their habits; and developing-country subsidies aren’t helping the people they’re supposed to.

At a point in time when even the Chinese are having second thoughts about the balance they have struck between pollution and growth, the United States should be concerned about how much it’s willing to give up environmentally to remain competitive with energy. But there are ways to balance out this equation without further harming the environment or the economy, according to Libertarian economist Ed Dolan.

Dolan is the author of the popular economics blog Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog, is a key contributor to EconoMonitor, and wrote the newly released book TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) — A Libertarian Perspective on Environmental Policy.

In an exclusive interview with, Dolan discusses:

  • Why protecting the poor and the environment aren’t mutually exclusive
  • Why holding down energy prices doesn’t help the poor
  • How a Universal Basic Income would [sic]
  • Why “pollution charges” would be a step in the right direction
  • How to balance pollution and growth
  • What “cheap energy” really means
  • Why Europe’s energy policies are the opposite of intelligent
  • Why the Obama administration’s energy policy isn’t working
  • How to euthanize the ethanol mandate

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