17 Vehicles Bidding Farewell After 2015

Cars come and cars go. Most of the time, it’s exciting to see new arrivals, replacements, and the steady progression and evolution of the automobile industry. On the other side of the coin, though, it’s also a bit sad (usually) to see vehicles leave. While some production runs come to end and bring sweet relief, others mark the passing of an iconic vehicle that had the magic that just can’t be replicated.

Automotive shopping and research tool iSeeCars.com threw together a list of vehicles that won’t live to see a 2016 model year. For some, 2014 is its last shot on the market, while others will stick around long enough to see 2015.

“While we’re languishing in our lounge or beach chairs this summer, enjoying our leisure time without stressing over such things as what cars are biting the dust in the near future, maybe we’ll be dismayed, amazed, or shake our heads in agreement over the ones on this list,” iSeeCars.com said in its analysis of 18 vehicles that won’t live beyond the 2015 model year. 

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, and some models may have been left out. Check out what will be leaving this earth for the great garage in the sky after the jump.

Editors’ Note: This post has been updated to reflect some last minute changes that were made involving the final tally of vehicles listed. There are 17 vehicles in total — some are doubled up like the Honda Insight and Clarity. Some adjustments were made last-minute and were not updated before publishing. Thank you to our readers for pointing out the issues to us.